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Acerpure Cozy F1 Air Circulator

Acerpure Cozy F1 Air Circulator

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Control the breeze anyway you like with the Acerpure Cozy Air Circulator.

  • 3D Airflow Technology: The turbine blade fan, combined with the spiral flow guard creates a powerful 3D airflow, with a greater range and more concentrated airflow than a standard fan, accelerating your indoor air circulation.
  • Powerful Airflow: The Acerpure Cozy projects air up to 15 meters away, covering over 108 m2. Capable of completely circulating the air five times per hour, it reaches every corner of your home to deliver maximum home comfort.1
  • Precisely Control Your Airflow: Twelve touch-activated speed settings and 90° up/down, 95° left/right oscillating direction adjustment enable easy, accurate control, whether you are looking for a soft, quiet breeze or powerful airflow.
  • Year-Round Essential: Eliminates uncomfortable temperature differences within your home, working with your heating and air conditioning to adjust room temperature and save energy in the home. Create a comfortable in-home climate all year round.
  • Energy-Saving with High-Efficiency: With an energy-efficient DC motor, the minimum airflow power consumption is just 1.18W, delivering high-quality air circulation at very low electrical costs.
  • Extremely Low Noise: The noise level of the Acerpure Cozy is just 25 dB2, lower than a quiet library (40 dB), providing you with a comfortable and quiet new lifestyle.
  • Modern Design: The full-function remote control design brings modern convenience to your home life. Anything from airflow selection to timer options can be done remotely with ease at the click of a button.
1. Within a space measuring 108 m2 with a floor height of  3 meters with an airflow measuring 1729.3 m3/min, air can be circulated fully five times per hour.
2. The noise level at the minimum speed setting just 25 dB.
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