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Acerpure Pro P2 Air Purifier

Acerpure Pro P2 Air Purifier

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Keep your home free from nasties with this Acer air purifier. It’ll clear the air in rooms up to 45 square meters and with an airflow rate of 324 cubic meters per hour, you won’t be waiting long until you’re breathing easy. It’s fully kitted out with 7 modes and 5 speeds, so whether it’s a high pollen day or you just need to clear the air, there’s a setting to suit. If your allergies are playing up, the HEPA filters lock in pollen, germs, and bacteria to help you get on with your day. You won’t even need to get up off the couch either, just use the handy remote and go back to resting your eyes.

  • Designed for room sizes up to 45 square metres
  • 7 modes and 5-speed settings to choose from
  • Air flow rate of 324 cubic metres per hour
  • HEPA filters for better purification
  • Can be operated by remote control
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