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iJOY Wheelies Colour Changing Bike LED Tube Lights

iJOY Wheelies Colour Changing Bike LED Tube Lights

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Introducing the iJoy Wheelies Colour Changing Bike Wheel Light - a game-changer for your cycling experience. These vibrant, colour-changing LED lights instantly transform your bike into a captivating display of colours.

Powered by three AA batteries (not included), installation is a breeze without the need for complex wiring.

Enhance your safety with multiple lighting modes, including On, Off, and Flash, ensuring you're seen on the road day or night. Universally designed to fit wheel sizes from 20" to 29", it's compatible with most standard bicycles.

With the included 7ft tubular LED light and five zip ties, setup is quick and secure, making your bike both stylish and safer on every ride.

Get ready to turn heads and ride with confidence, thanks to iJoy Wheelies.

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