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Skylarx Screenshare Wireless HDMI

Skylarx Screenshare Wireless HDMI

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Effortless streaming: This adapter allows you to easily stream video and audio from your laptop to an external monitor, making it ideal for presentations, movie watching, or simply working more efficiently.

Compatible with most devices: The adapter is compatible with most devices that have a USB Type-C port, making it a versatile option for a wide range of users.

Plug-and-play functionality: With plug-and-play functionality, this adapter is easy to use and set up. Simply plug it into your laptop's USB Type-C port and you're ready to go.

Improved work efficiency: By using this adapter, you can work more efficiently by using an external monitor, which can offer a larger display and improved viewing experience.

Compact and lightweight design: The adapter's compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry with you and store when not in use. Whether you're traveling for work or just need to take it from room to room, it's a convenient option for all your video streaming needs.

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